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Our Services


Sand and Refinish

Recognized as the industry leader in wood floor refinishing in the Southeast based on high-quality standards, attention to detail, and excellent service. 

A Sand & Refinish removes all of the existing finish & paint, taking the floor down to bare wood and re-applying sealer, paint (if applicable), and finish.  This process is typically performed every 6 to 10 years on a gymnasium or high-traffic wood floor, and every 8 to 15 years in a residence. 


Installation, Repair, & Inspections for indoor and outdoor athletic equipment including:

 Baseball, Basketball, Football Goal Posts, Foul Poles, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Wall Pads, Scoreboards, and more.

floor installations

Wood flooring, specialty sports floors, and rubber/synthetic flooring. Services include Tear-outs, Repairs, Replacements, Installations, and New Construction for:

Wood Floors

  • Residential

  • Gymnasiums

  • Stages

  • Aerobics/Yoga/Dance rooms

  • Racquetball & Squash Courts

  • Commercial

Rubber/Synthetic Floors

  • Weight Rooms

  • Locker Rooms

  • Multipurpose

  • Fitness

  • Tracks

  • Dance

  • Agricultural

  • Healthcare

gamelines & graphics

We provide high-quality painted-on gym floor graphics and game lines. Whether you desire an entire new paint scheme or simply require game line touch-up, contact us for consultation.


Our highly skilled craftsmen provide quality services for: Board Replacements, Water damaged areas, Inspections, Game line touchups, Scratch Repairs, Improper Installation/Refinishing Consultation, Wood Floor System Failure Inspections, and more.  We implement only the best practices for board replacement, using methods to blend the repair in to the surrounding floor, versus straight cuts that stand out as a patched area.

screen & re-coat

We provide high-quality screen & re-coats at budget-friendly prices to help you achieve longevity and durability of your wood floor.  Each year, normal foot traffic and court play wear through at least one coat of finish; therefore, screening & re-coating is one of the most important procedures to protect your wood floor. 

Gymnasiums & high-use wood floors should be screen & re-coated every year.     
Gymnasiums can typically be screen & re-coated in one day and the facility can be open for use in 48 to 72 hours, depending on the type of floor finish chosen.  

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