Screen & Re-coat

Excellent Craftsmanship & Budget-friendly Pricing


S Graham Inc provides high-quality screen & re-coats at budget-friendly prices to help you achieve longevity and durability of your wood floor.  Each year, normal foot traffic and court play wear through at least one coat of finish; therefore, screening & re-coating is one of the most important procedures to protect your wood floor. 

Gymnasiums & high-use wood floors should be screen & re-coated every year.     

The Process:  Gymnasiums can typically be screen & re-coated in one day and the facility can be open for use in 48 to 72 hours, depending on the type of floor finish chosen.  Please see our Selecting a Wood Floor Finish page for further details. 

Why should you hire a professional company for wood floor screen & coats?  Hiring an experienced, quality gym floor refinishing company is just as important as selecting outstanding athletes for your team.  It's in the details, in the wrist, and extends the life of your investment in the wood floor.