A Screen & Recoat is typically performed every year on a gymnasium or high-traffic wood floor and involves scuff-sanding the top layer of finish to allow for a new coat or two of finish to be applied.  Screen & Recoats aid in extending the life of the wood floor and assist in long-term cost savings by ensuring the proper amount of finish is protecting the underlying wood floor.  It typically removes minor scratches and some furniture/equipment marring; however, it will not remove deep scratches, dents, or major discolorations.  This process is usually performed every three to five years on residential floors depending on wear.       



A Sand & Refinish involves sanding off all of the existing finish & paint down to bare wood, then re-applying sealer, paint, and finish giving the floor a new appearance.  This service is typically performed every 6 to 10 years on gymnasiums and high-traffic floors, and every 8-15 years on residential.