Refinishing - Selecting a Wood Floor Finish

There are many wood floor finishes on the market and it is important to select one that will be compatible with your current finish (existing floors), or that will achieve your desired results.  To simplify, there are basically two types of finish:  water-based or solvent/oil-based.


Solvent/Oil-Based sealer & finish is characterized as providing a high-gloss sheen and amber appearance.  S Graham Inc uses only low-voc oil-based sealer and finish products, to provide better indoor air quality over traditional oil-based, and for the health & safety of our team, our clients, and building occupants.  Currently, we are the only company in the Southeastern United States committed to using Low-VOC oil-based products, where it is not yet required by law.    


Water is obviously an enemy to bare wood, so on newly installed wood floors and re-sands, you want to prevent water from touching the wood, thus using a solvent/oil-based sealer is recommended. 


Water-based finish is ultimate choice in regard to indoor air quality & health and safety of building occupants. It contains low or zero VOC's, almost no odor, and is extremely durable. It provides a more clear appearance and does not amber over time like solvent based finish.